About Us

We Are Web Designers, Graphic Designers & Social Media Experts.

A Little Bit About Us

Divergent Pixel is a multi-faceted design company located Knoxville, Tennessee. We build websites, design marketing campaigns, manage social media and create great user experiences for a variety of businesses throughout the southeast. Helping people succeed in business through good design is our passion.

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What’s with the name “Divergent Pixel”?

/də’vərjənt,dī’vərjənt/ + /’piksəl/

The word divergent means to be different or to move in a different direction. We embrace this idea of moving in a different direction. To us it’s an elevated change in trajectory. We simply want to see our clients move in a better direction.

Pixels on the other hand are the very small squares of light that make up the text, images and video you see on your computer screen. Pixels are the building blocks of our craft. Ideas often start out on paper, but in our industry they ultimately end up as pixels on a screen.

Divergent Pixel is the combination of our since of direction and raw building material. If you’re interested in a change or maybe a new direction, we’d love to talk.